Sports Betting ABC - Glossary
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Betting ABC - Glossary


Sports betting terms glossary

Abandoned – an event that is not completed

Accumulator – see Multiple bet
Action –if a bet is described as action, it means that it is valid
Active Player – in poker a person who remains in play
All Out – a horse which is trying as much as possible to win the race
Angles – denotes utilizing important facts from previous sport events to predict the future outcomes
Ante Post bets (also Futures)– bets which are placed weeks or month in advance. One can place a football ante post bet in the middle of a winter on the football European Cup winner, or on the Italian Serie A winner
Ajax – a British slang term for betting tax
Arbitrage betting (aka sure bets) – opportunity for theoretically guaranteed win in betting which occurs when all of the three different outcomes of the same event, namely “Home win”, “draw,” “away win,” receive exceptionally high odds, usually from three different bookmakers.
Arcade games – online games based on pinball machines or video games
Asian handicaps – a type of betting in which two sides are balanced (for more info see Basic betting term in detail)
Australian football vs American football – Aussie rules is similar to soccer as it is fast flowing – there are only a few stops in the game, legs are used for running, passing, scoring goals and as such are very important; in US tackle football there are lots of breaks in the game, players can score in a few different ways, and they use pads which are absent in Aussie
AWT – in horse racing All Weather Track
Baccarat – a popular casino card game in which the winner is the person holding two or three cards which in total are closest to nine
Back – to bet
Backed – when a selection receives lots of bets, and its odds are shoretened as a result
Backgammon – a two-person board gameplayed with dice, in which both luck and strategy determine which one of the two players will be able to win by gathering their pieces into one corner, and then systematically removing them from the board
Bandy vs Ice hockey – bandy is very similar to ice hockey, but there are a few differences which distinguish these two sports: in bandy there are 11 players including the goalkeeper on each side (ice hockey team has 6 players), goals and the playing field are much bigger, a bandy match consists of two halves of 45 minutes each, and the contact between players in bandy is limited, therefore there are infrequent stops in play
Banker (also Lock) – a bet which is very certain to win
Banker – in a card game, a dealer or the players who book the action of the other bettors at the card table
Bankroll (Gambling money/ Risk money) – money you intend to spend on gambling
Beard –a friend/acquaintance/other contact who is used to place bets so that the identity of the actual punter is unknown to the bookmakers
Bet –risking money, or anything valuable on the outcome of an event
Bettor (also Wagerer, Punter) – someone who bets
Bingo – is a game of chance in which players have cards printed with differently numbered squares on which they must place markers, before the second part of the game begins different numbers are drawn, one by one, and announced by a caller. The winner is the first person to mark a complete row of numbers
Bismarck – a favorite which is expected by the bookmakers to lose; bismarcks are frequently a substantial source of profit to the bookmakers
Blackjack (also known as Twenty-one) – a very popular casino card game in which the object is for the players to beat the bank by adding the values of the cards as close to the number 21 as possible, but without exceeding it
Blind Bet – in poker, a bet which is placed without the player seeing any of her or his cards
Bookmaker (also Bookie, Layer, Store, Sportsbook) – a company which has a license to accept bets on the result of an event (usually sports, or racing) from the public
Bottle – 2/1 odds
Breeder's Cup – a renown annual year-end series of grade 1 thoroughbred horse races which has a different location every year
Buck – $100 bet
Canadian/ Super Yankee –a bet which consists of 26 bets involving 5 selections in different events (it includes 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfolds plus an accumulator). A minimum of two of the selections must be successful to obtain a return.
Casino (online Casino) – Internet service which enables gamers to play casino games online
Century – £100
Carpet – odds 3/1
Chalk player – a person who bets on favorites
Chips – round tokens that are used on casino gaming tables and which substitute cash
Circled Game – a sports event in which the betting action is limited, for example, in games which feature added time, injuries, bad weather, unconfirmed rumors regarding a team
Conditions Race – a race in which horses carry weight according to such factors as age, type of race, sex etc.
Correct Score betting – betting in which the correct score has to be predicted. Popular with soccer punters, as they have a limited number of typical scores.
Cover – a win in point spread betting
Craps –is a popular dice game, played both traditionally and online, in which players bet on the outcome of the roll/a series of rolls of two dices
Cricket – bat-and-ball team sport, very popular in England, Australia, India, South Africa, Pakistan and New Zealand
Croupier – a French equivalent of dealer which is used in baccarat and roulette
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