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Betting DEF - Glossary


Sports betting terms glossary

Dead heat – a situation when two or more competitors finish tied

Declared – in US horse racing a horse withdrawn from a stakes race before the start; in UK horse racing a horse confirmed to start in a race
Decimal odds (also European odds, Continental odds) – preferred in continental Europe, Canada, and Australia. For instance, 4.00 odds mean that the bettor stands to make a €300 profit on €100 stake (together €400); in case of 0.33 odds, €33 can be made on a €100 stake (together ca. €133). Decimal odds are easy to work with and are perfect for parlay betting.
Die – a cube with 1-6 numbers on every side; a singular for dice,
Dividend – the return on a bet
Dime – $1,000
Double – a bet (accumulator)with 2 selections in different events; all selections must be successful to get a return
Drifter – a bet with a rising price (a team has 2.1 odds at first, and later on, moves up to 2.4)
Dutch(ing) – denotes backing more than one outcome in a single event with different stakes, to obtain an equal profit no matter which selection is successful
Each Way bet (EW bet) – a bet which consists of Win bet and Place bet (Backup bet). With Each way bet even when your Win bet loses, you can additionally make a small profit from your Place bet provided that the contestant you have chosen finishes 2nd or 3rd
Edge – an advantage
EGBA – The European Gaming & Betting Association ensures fair market access based on standardized conditions in Europe for all online gaming providers in the European Union
EGR Awards – the most important awards in the online gaming industry; they are held annually in London by eGaming Review since 2005. The award categories include: Operator of the Year, Socially Responsible Operator of the Year, UK Sports Betting Operator of the Year, European Sports Betting Operator of the Year, Poker Operator of the Year, Casino Operator of the Year, Bingo Operator of the Year, Affiliate Programme of the Year, Innovation of the Year Online Marketing Campaign of the Year and a few more.
ESSA – The European Sports Security Association monitors irregular betting patterns and possible insider betting from within each sport.
E-Wallet (also known as Digital wallet) – Internet service which makes it possible that e-commerce transactions are conducted in a quick, convenient and secure way; with E-Wallets the Internet users don't have to fill in forms when making the online transaction as the Digital Wallet transfers their information accurately and securely
Even money (also Evens) – a bet in which a player risks the same amount as they stand to win (in fractional odds it is 1/1, in decimal odds it is 2.00)
Face cards – in cards, the jack, queen, and king
Favorite/Chalk – theteam which is considered to be the likely winner of an event
Field – all the competitors who take part in an event
FIFA – the International Federation of Association Football, international football body governing and organizing major internation football events such as FIFA World Cup
Financial bets vs trading on the Stock Market – with financial bets you bet on financial market price movements; in other words, you don't actually own the share, you simply bet on the performance of the share price
Fixed-odds betting – betting against odds offered by a bookmaker
Forecast – betting on an individual event in which the bettor has to correctly provide the finishing order; most popular types of forecasts include: Straight Forecast (requires naming the winner and the runner-up), Reversed Forecast (requires naming two contestants who/which will finish 1st and 2nd in either order), Tricast (requires naming the winner, the runner-up, and the 3rd contestant)
Form – competitor's past performances in chronological order which indicate their winning chances in the event
Form player –a punter who relies heavily on past-performance records to make betting selections
Fractional odds (also UK odds, British odds) – preferredby bookmakers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. For instance, 3/1 odds ('three-to-one') imply that the bettor stands to make a £300 profit on a £100 stake (together the bettor receives £400); in the case of 1/3 odds ('one-to-three'), £33 can be made on a £100 stake (together the bettor receives ca. £133)
GOOD LUCK with your sports betting!