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Maiden – a contestant who/which has never won a race

Microgaming Software Systems – a very popular gaming software development company which provides software for online bingo games online casinos, online poker rooms
Minus Pool – in horse racing, a case of mutuel pool in which a horse is so heavily backed that after deducting commission and state tax there is not enough money left to pay the specified minimum on all the winning bets. The difference is usually made up by the racing association
MLB – Major League Baseball
Mobile gambling – denotes gambling via mobile phones
Monkey – £500
Multiple bet (UK Accumulator, or US Parlay/Parley)– abet on two, three, four or more selections all of which must win to gain a return
Moneybookers – is a UK based E-Wallet which has become one of the most popular payment options on the Internet. Funds can be uploaded to Moneybookers account using a credit card, or a debit card, and then can be used on those websites which accept Moneybookers service.
Nap (also Napoleon) – a bet which is considered to be the strongest one, in a given day/meeting, by racing tipsters and correspondents
National Lottery – by far the most popular form of gambling activity in the UK; the operating contract for the National Lottery is retendered competitively every 10 year; as for 2010, it's licensed operator is Camelot.
NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association
Netball vs Basketball – netball is very similar to basketball, there are, however, a few differences that distinguish the two disciplines: in netball each team has seven players, a netball game lasts for 60 minutes (four 15-minute quarters), in netball players can take only one step before passing the ball, and cannot be in the possession of the ball for longer than 3 seconds, and only the assigned shooting players can score goals
Neteller – is a UK-based E-wallet which has become one of the most popularpayment options on the Internet with consumers in more than 160 countries and many different currencies. Money can be uploaded into the Neteller account from a bank, via Credit card, Debit card, or via such methods as DirectPay 24, Giropay, Ideal, Ukash, and a few more.
No action – a bet in which no money is won or lost.
NTRA – National Thoroughbred Racing Association.
Odds – the likelihood of the outcome occurring, which is expressed in the form of numbers; in other words, the ratio of probabilities.
Odds Against – about a price where the odds are more than 2.00 (Decimals), or 1/1 (Fractional).
Odds Comparison – an online tool which allows you to compare the bookmakers odds proposed on every event so that you can choose the bookie with the best odds to place your bet.
Odds Compiler (also Trader) – a person employed by the bookmaker who is responsible for compiling the odds on the basis of analytical research and their own intuition.
Odds On – about a price where the odds are less than 2.00 (Decimals), or 1/1 (Fractional).
Off the board – a sports event on which the bookmaker will not accept any action.
Outsider – see Underdog.
Over/Under betting – betting in which the aim is to predict the number of goals scored.
Overbroke – when a bet results in a loss for the bookmaker
Overlay – odds which are set higher than bettors expected.
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