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Betting TUV - Glossary


Sports betting terms glossary

Teaser – a bet similar to multiple with one difference – the bettor can change the point spread in each fixture, and thus, change the odds; mainly in American football and basketball betting.

Texas hold 'em (or Hold'em) – popular in North America variation of poker in which each player receives two cards and shares five community cards.
Thoroughbred – a horse breed used in Thoroughbred racing (flat racing and jump racing). Thoroughbred race horses are considered to have a supreme speed, agility and spirit.
Tiercé – a bet in which the punter predicts which horses will finish first, second, and third.
Tips (also Picks) – betting selections chosen by highly knowledgeable punters – experts, tipsters.
Tipster (also Tout, Expert) – a person who regularly provides information (tips) on likely winners in sporting competitions. Usually, such a person is either an insider of a particular sport, or a person who has acquired extensive knowledge in a given sports field, and possesses strong analytical skills. Most of the tipsters sell the information on the Internet, though from time to time quality tips may be obtained for free on some betting services. It is important to remember, however, that more and more tipping services are in fact scam operations.
Totals bet – a bet in which the bettor has to predict whether the combined number of points scored by both teams will be over or under the total proposed by the bookmaker.
Totalisator – see Parimutuel betting.
Treble – a bet (accumulator)with 3 selections in different events; all selections must be successful to get a return.
Trixiebet – comprises of 4 bets involving 3 selections in different events, that is 3 doubles plus one treble. At least 2 successful selections are required to obtain a return.
Trotting – another term for harness racing, or one of the two specific gaits in harness racing
Turnover (requirement) – the amount of action you have to generate before you will be able to make a withdrawal from your account; for instance you may have to bet through the total amount in your account (deposit plus bonus) once, twice or more.
UEFA – Union of European Football Associations; the European football body responsible for administration and control.
UIGEA – Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (2006); the US act which prohibits online gambling for the citizens of the United States and is an update to the Wire Act of 1961; the document states that the providers of money transactions are not allowed to make fund transfers to online bookmakers, and that online bookmakers are not allowed to accept money transfers from US players.
Unbackable – a horse with such short odds that bettors consider it too short to return any reasonable profit.
Underdog (also Dog, Puppy)– contestant / team which is expected to lose the event.
Under-age gambling – it is a commonplace phenomenon both in case of offline and online gambling; the most common age limits in Euorope are as follows: 16 years for scratch-cards and lotteries, 18 years for betting, 21 years for entry into casinos.
Value bet (also Value) – the best odds on a particular bet.
Video poker – a casino's five card draw poker played on a console resembling slot machine.
Vigorish (also the Vig, or Juice)– the amount of money charged by a bookmaker for his services.
Void Bet – a bet which is declared invalid in which case the stake is returned.
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