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What is the advantage of the asian handicaps?

Sports betting is still getting more and more popular. That is why, the bookmakers introduce new types of bets in their offer. Apart from the traditional sports bets, there are now bets for political, cultural or social events as well as many other. From all the new types of bets, asian handicaps are the most popular among the punters.

Everything about betting on penalty cards in football

Betting on penalty cards in football matches is getting more and more popular among the punters. That is why, we decided it is good to get some information regarding this subject.

What is the influence of the set pieces on the result of the match?

It is thought that set pieces are the easiest way of scoring a goal. That is why, the players attempt to get as many set pieces as they can. Penalty kicks, free kicks, corner kicks and throw-ins - are the set pieces that every team in the world tries to master. Statistically, up to 40-45% of all goals is said to be scored after the set pieces.

List of the winners of the EGR Operator Awards 2016

On Monday, November the 28th, the winners of the most prestigious award in the world of e-gambling - EGR Operator Award, were decorated. This was the 12th edition of the EGR Operator Awards held at the Artillery Garden at the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) in London.

Interesting bets concerned with Donald Trump

Emotions are still high after the recent presidential elections in the United States in which an eccentric billionaire, Donald Trump, was voted as the new President of the U.S.  Shockingly, Americans have voted for Trump, despite all the polls and forecasts predicting it would be different.

Winners of EGR Operator Marketing&Innovation Awards 2016

At the beginning of June the EGR Operator Marketing&Innovation Awards 2016 ceremony was held. One of the most prestigious ceremonies of awards handing in the gambling games industry took place on the 1 of June 2016 in the London Tower hall.

Nobody likes to be deceived – watch out for paid betting tips in the Internet!

Watch out for paid websites, offering betting tips, many of them are just fraud and cheats. Adjusted statistics, people’s comments, who supposedly bought the given paid betting tips and earned on them good, are cheated screenshots of winning coupons – these and many other frauds is a usual experience. You want to find a website that offers frequent paid betting tips?

The winner of EGR Operator Awards 2015

On Monday, the 23rd of November 2015 we met the winners of this year’s annual prize ceremony of EGR Awards. As it is known EGR Operator Awards is the most important prize in gambling industry. The eleventh ceremony of of Awards EGR took place in Honourable Artillery Company Gardens in London.

EGR Awards 2015 Winners

Discover the list of the EGR Operator Marketing & Innovation winners and EGR B2B Awards 2015. It is known that EGR Awards is the most important prize in the gambling industry. The last award ceremony was held on June 16th in London Tower.

Winners of IGB Affiliate Awards 2015

Meet prizewinners of IGBA Awards 2015, another important event in the bookmaking industry.