Analysis of the match between Everton and Arsenal
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Analysis of the match between Everton and Arsenal

The Toffees has been the winner in the last six matches at home. Will Arsenal be able to get any points at Goodinson Park?

This is a very important match for these two teams. The home team has 4 points less than Arsenal and still has one more game to play. If they manage to win in two matches they will beat the Gunners in the league table and will get a real opportunity to take the 4th place in the league which is prized with a start in the Champions League qualifications. Arsenal, which to my mind does not have much chances to win the championship, needs to try harder to get the 4th place, since inability to begin the Champions League would be thought of as a great loss, not only mental, but also financial. The team fighting for the Championship till the mid-season now has little chance to get even fourth place. According to the home team's statistics at their own field (6 successive wins) it will probably be quite hard to win.

Bookmakers set alike odds for wins with a slight indication at the home team. Everton win 2.50, draw 3.40, Arsenal win 2.70. Recent statistics is in favour of the home team. The Gunners have not had much luck in away games recently (3 out of 4 last matches lost respectively against Chelsea 6:0, Stoke 1:0 and Liverpool 5:1). The last match against Manchester City, that ended with the result 1:1, can cast a shadow of hope. It's difficult to say whether the own field helped the players or whether their condition became a bit better. I am eager to bet on Everton, their gaming style with a strong defence and predictability appeals to me. Arsenal plays strongly in away matches, but on the other hand loses against good teams (6:0 against Chelsea, 6:3 against Manchester City, 5:1 against Liverpool). We will bet on Everton's victory at the stake of 1/10.

  • Average number of scored goals in Everton matches in the Premier league this season - 2.6 goals per match
  • Average number of scored goals in Arsenal matches in the Premier league this season - 2.9 goals per match
  • Average number of scored goals in the last ten direct matches - 2.8 goals per match
The last Everton home matches:
  • Everton : Swansea 3:2
  • Everton : Cardiff 2:1
  • Everton : West Ham 1:0
  • Everton : Aston Villa 2:1
  • Everton : Norwich 2:0
  • Everton : Southampton 2:1
The last Arsenal away matches:
  • Chelsea : Arsenal 6:0
  • Tottenham : Arsenal 0:1
  • Stoke City : Arsenal 1:0
  • Liverpool : Arsenal 5:1
  • Southampton : Arsenal 2:2
  • Aston Villa : Arsenal 1:2

The last direct matches:

  • Arsenal‭ ‬:‭ ‬Everton‭ ‬4:1‭(‬FA Cup‭)
  • Arsenal‭ ‬:‭ ‬Everton‭ ‬1:1
  • Arsenal‭ ‬:‭ ‬Everton‭ ‬0:0
  • Everton‭ ‬:‭ ‬Arsenal‭ ‬1:1
  • Everton‭ ‬:‭ ‬Arsenal‭ ‬0:1
  • Arsenal‭ ‬:‭ ‬Everton‭ ‬1:0