Bookmakers make odds for the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Literature
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Bookmakers make odds for the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Literature

Literature lovers keep a close track of the news regarding the candidates for this years' Nobel Prize in Literature. Bookmakers in turn hope that their odds will match the verdict of the Swedish Academy who awards the prize.

The Secretary of the Academy has opened the curtain

Although we will not discover the Nobel Prize in Literature winner until October, the topic raises lots of emotions even now. All the more reason that the secretary to the Swedish Academy who awards this prestigious prize Peter Englund, has posted on his blog some information about the candidates running for the Nobel Prize this year. From Englund's entry we discover that there are 195 candidates, from which 48 names debuts on the list. Last year's list of candidates was very close to this one in terms of the amount of runners. There were 210 candidates from which 46 for the first time. From the information provided by the secretary of the Swedish Academy only 5 of all Nobel Prize winners from previous years has used the chance of his or her nomination. Englund has also revealed that currently so called semi-long list, where names of all candidates are going to be founds, is being formed. From this list about 20 will be selected for further consideration, we will find out their names within 2 months. A secret ballot will emerge five finalists from them. Academy members will have time until September to discover their accomplishments and then deliberations will begin, which outcome, the name of this year's Nobel Prize winner, will be announced in October.

Bookmakers tip front runner

Even though until the winner will be announced a lot of time is still left, bookmaker speculate whose going to be this years winner of this esteemed award. Every year betting companies take bets regarding the Nobel Prize in Literature, likewise this year. On the site bookmakers odds regarding this year's Nobel Prize in Literature winner has already appeared. American writers dominate the list including Joyce Carol Oates, Cormac McCarthy, Thomas Pynchon, Ursula Le Gui. In addition many African writers such as Assia Djebar from Algeria, Chinua Achebe from Nigeria, Ngugi wa Thiong’o from Kenya or Chinua Achebe from Nigeria are found. Among European writers common for placing bets are Leonard Nolens from Belgium, Eduardo Mendoza Garriga from Spain, Cees Nooteboom form the Netherlands and Ian McEwen from the United Kingdom. According to bookmakers Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami, whose novel “Norwegian Wood” has obtained a spectacular success, is most likely to win the prize. American writer Joyce Carol Oates who is know mostly for horrors and thrillers has a fair chance of winning as well.

Who to bet for?

We will not find out until October who will be picked by Swedish Academy, but we can bet our front runners even today. On the online bookmakers sites bets on the Nobel Prize in Literature winner can be placed. To help you choose we present you five top candidates served by Betsson.

  • Haruki Murakami 3.00
  • Joyce Carol Oates 4.80
  • Peter Nadas 6.00
  • Ko Un 11.00
  • Assia Djebar 11.50