Everything about betting on penalty cards in football
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Everything about betting on penalty cards in football

Betting on penalty cards in football matches is getting more and more popular among the punters. That is why, we decided it is good to get some information regarding this subject.
Obviously, football is the number one discipline of sport when it comes to number of placed bets. Because of its popularity, the bookmakers are offering more and more new bet types for this sport. Apart from the classic 1X2 bets, you can now bet on the first/last goalscorer, the number of corners, free kicks or penalties as well as on yellow and red cards shown by the referee in the match. Furthermore, the punters that decide they want to bet on the last option, have a variety of penalty card bets to choose from:

  • the team with higher number of cards,
  • which team will be booked first,
  • the time of the first shown card,
  • will there be a red card,
  • will the particular player be booked with yellow/red card,
  • asian handicap for the number of cards in the game,
  • will there be a penalty card in the first 10 minutes of the match and so on.

Without a doubt, the penalty cards may change the course of the game by heating the atmosphere both on the pitch and among the supporters. Before placing a bet on penalty cards, check the statistics of the fouls and interceptions of the particular teams, the relations between their players, the importance of the match, the place where the game will be played, the phase of the season or the style of the referee. The outcome of the match is heavily influenced by the decisions of the referee. A strict and just referee can calm down the players and pacify any tensions when needed, while the clueless one will only make things worse. Often, a mistake by the referee can destroy the balance between both teams which will result in the growing number of cards shown in a match.

There is a theory, that every card for a player from team A, increases the chances of booking a player from team B. As study shows, the away team players get 65% of the entire shown cards in a match. Because of the yellow cards, the team can end up one man down and in consequence it can lost the entire game. Statistically, goal-scoring ability of the team playing with an advantage of at least one more player than their opponents, increases up to 65%. What is more, only 5% of the teams that had their players expelled from the match because of the red card, managed to win that game. In 30% of such cases the score did not change and in 65% the team playing with such disadvantage lost the match. The numbers do not lie. The red card influence both the home team and the guests. It was estimated that the red card shown to the player from the away team increases the chances for scoring a goal for the home team up to 60%.