Interesting bets concerned with Donald Trump
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Interesting bets concerned with Donald Trump

Emotions are still high after the recent presidential elections in the United States in which an eccentric billionaire, Donald Trump, was voted as the new President of the U.S.  Shockingly, Americans have voted for Trump, despite all the polls and forecasts predicting it would be different. That is why, the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have presented the odds for next decisions of the newly-elected president. The whole world will watch the next decisions of the President of the global superpower. Will he keep the promises he made during his campaign?

A wide variety of bets offered by Paddy Power can satisfy even the most picky punters. You can bet on the next presidential elections in 2020. Obviously, Trump is a front-runner with 11/10 (2,10) odds. Behind him are Paul Ryan 7/1 (8,00), Mike Pence 7/1 (8,00), Michelle Obama 8/1 (9,00) and Tim Kaine 11/1 (12,00). What is more, the Irish bookie have prepared betting offer for punters that do not want to put their money on long-term bets. They can try to predict who will be the next Secretary of state, Secretary of Homeland Security and Secretary of Defence in the cabinet of the new president.

Furthermore, punters can bet on other, less interesting events connected with the 45th President of the United States. The most controversial Trump promise is the construction of the wall covering the U.S - Mexico border. Here are the Specials offered by the Paddy Power:

  • Hillary Clinton to be arrested before the end of 2020 – 3/1 (4,00)
  • Trump to build wall covering entirety of US-Mexican border before end of 2020 – 7/2 (4,50)
  • Trump to win a Nobel Peace Prize in his lifetime – 9/2 (5,50)
  • Trump to appear at Wrestlemania 33 in-ring 33 – 5/1 (6,00)
  • Trump to be successfully impeached before end of 2020 – 6/1 (7,00)
  • First Commercial flight to Mars to take place during Trump's presidency – 40/1 (41,00)
  • Trump to turn to the White House Gold – 66/1 (67,00)