Premier League - betting tips for the season 2013/14
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Premier League - betting tips for the season 2013/14

A few weeks ago namely Manchester Utd was the favourite amongst internet bookmakers for the Champion's title. Currently as a result of presence of manager Mourinho at Stamford Bridge on Chelsea has been fixed the lowest odds.

Will the Blues be ready to suceed in the Premiership? It is quite difficult to predict because we have a few solid candidates that also have excellent footballers in their lineups.Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United, Manchester City may also be taken into consideration in this battle for the trophy.

The Red Devils (odds 3.25) could be much less effective right after Alex Ferguson has gone and may have a sluggish season managed by David Moyes and also it will probably be hard to defend the title. The Citizens (odds 3.25) is the prestige, however in my opinion that squad disappoints though it could play great and successful, but in contrast they as well could lose even against outsiders. The Gunners (odds 11.00) inspite of such higher odds might be one of the major faves of the season. The following football club gets to be better, Arsen Venger strengthens the squad despite large costs. It has been Eight yrs already since the last success of the club and it looks like his season Arsenal could possibly be the number one. The Reds (odds 21.00) possibly may be the squad which needs to be also taken into account although its greatest years are in the history. The chances is adequate for the currently team situation and with no attempts of the squad the fanatics will probably be once more dissatisfied.

Will end the era of Manchester this year? Could The Blues manage to succeed this season? Predicting is rather tough in such cases nevertheless we recommend to bet on the teams from London - Arsenal or Chelsea. You may risk and wager on those clubs in individual coupons and you may receive big profits on winning of one of these.

  • Chelsea London - 3.00
  • Manchester United - 3.25
  • Manchester City - 3.25
  • Arsenal London - 11.00
  • Liverpool - 21.00
  • Tottenham - 34.00