Which bookmakers will no longer provide services in UK market?
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Which bookmakers will no longer provide services in UK market?

New Gambling Law entered into force towards the end of 2014 in the UK. It had a very large impact on the bookmakers, some of them even decided to leave the market. It is called Gambling Licensing and Advertising Act, under it, starting on October 1st, 2014 all the overseas companies need to have a licence issued by UK Gambling Commission in order to provide services to users. Moreover as of December 2014,  operators must pay 15% of tax of profits made through users.

Once the law appeared some of the bookmakers decided that it will better for them to leave the British market. One of the bookmakers who made such decision is Sbobet, which sent an email to its users, that they must withdraw all found from their accounts because he will be closing them. If a user decided not to do it, Sbobet was to send the money to his or her account.

Another bookmaker which decided to leave UK market because of the law change is Pinnacle Sport. Once the new law was to be introduced he sent a statement to his players saying that he will no longer provided services in the UK because of the new Gambling Licensing and Advertising Act

Next on the list is German bookmaker, Mybet, who as well announced that he is going out of the British market. He explained his decision by saying that British market is too big and because of that it is no longer profitable for him, a good new is though that Mybet decided to obtain a license for British casinos.

The newest info regarding the New Gambling Law came from bookmaker Betsson who as well is going out of the British market. On January 31st, 2015 he will be closing accounts of all its users. The bookmaker send an email to his players stating that he will no longer provide his services for UK market and that by January 30th they need to withdrawal all the money. Good news is though that Betsson players are asked to deposit their founds into Betsafe accounts.

If any new info regarding this issue comes out we will update the article right away.