The choice of bookmaker, what kind of tipster are you?
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The choice of bookmaker, what kind of tipster are you?

It is difficult to determine which of the online bookmakers is the best. Everything depends on what we want to achieve, what sports do we bet on, how high are the odds we are looking for, if we choose to play for several matches on one coupon, or maybe we treat playing as fun, or maybe we are professional players. With the experience gained over 10 years of betting on the Internet and making dozens of accounts at online bookmakers we have selected for you the bookmakers that deserved with their offer to be chosen. I have divided this article into several parts, therefore each player can assign oneself to a group that he or she represents.

Beneath, you will not find bookmakers who try to cheat on the players in all possible ways, or bookmakers that are found on the black list, or bookmakers that do not have the funds to pay, bookmakers that do not turn received bonuses or store personal information in appropriate manner, or online bookmakers that put limits on players, or do not pay out money for more than few days, or bookmakers that have licenses in countries outside European Union , where it is later difficult to assert their rights. I present you only with the most trusted and reliable ones.

Amateur tipster
For a player who is about to start or have just started to play at online bookmaker. In the selection of online bookmakers for amateur players I was primarily guided by the lack of knowledge about betting, and playing for small amounts of money. The top online bookmaker for beginning players (for many portals said to be the best) include Bet365 and William Hill, Betsson, Paddy Power. Those bookmakers are in the business for many years now. Their main advantages are: interesting bonuses, easy navigation, a lot of deposit and withdrawal option, rich offer, the possibility to bet on many matches on one coupon, fast payouts or as in Bet365 very good live streaming (possibility to watch games live).

Recreational tipster
It might not be the right word, but as a recreational player I define a player that bets from time to time. He or she often places bets on the team he or she likes, or bets while watching the actual match. This player does not follow all the statistics, injuries of players, victories or loses of given team. I assume that he or she plays one match on the coupon for an average stake. For those players I propose to choose between bookmaker Bet365 and William Hill. They both have very rich offer so surely everyone will find what they need at those two online bookmakers.

Semi-professional tipster
It is a player that has a good knowledge about betting world and wants to use it while placing bets. He or she is oriented for profit, likes to play often, rarely places single bets, sometimes places combo bet on a match that he has not analyze well. Bonuses are important to him but not most important, he takes high odds very seriously. In this case I can recommend three bookmakers at which you will need to have an account made in order to play. They are: Pinnaclesports where there are no bonuses, but the odds are the highest on the Internet, moreover there are no limits on players that have won a lot, and the possibility of betting quite large amount of money for one match. Of course we should have an account at Bet365 and William Hill, where thank too well developed live betting sections (online betting during the match), we are able to cover out bets or put coupons while watching matches. Account at Pinnacle Sports bookmaker is not enough however due to the poor live betting offer.

Professional tipster
If you consider yourself to be a professional player it means that you bet on one match on one coupon, you look for a value bets, or suer bets, you do not care a lot about bonuses and are oriented only to win money, ant most importantly you do not bet on every match. Professional players usually bet on one sports discipline or even one league, there are two perfect bookmakers for you to play at: Pinnacle Sports and Bet365. As a professional player though looking at the differences in odds you should have accounts at Willaim Hill, Betfair, Betvictor, I prefer and personally play at the first two.

To sum up the first choice of online bookmakers is BET365 which virtually outperforms the competition in terms of offer, live betting and live streaming odds however are better at Pinnacle Sports and Betfair – which give you a lot of fun because while playing at those two online bookmakers you play a role of a typer or of a bookmaker.