Choosing the Right Online Bookmaker
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Choosing the Right Online Bookmaker

The Internet is crowded with various online bookmakers - there are simply tens, if not hundreds of them. Most of these sportsbooks highlight their own superiority and uniquness on almost every step, just to attract more customers. As a novice punter, the more bookmakers you come across, the more confused you get.

How to choose best bookmaker?

Overview of online bookmakers
The online betting industry can be roughly divided into the following three categories of bookmakers:
1. Outstandingly good and honest. Companies that in the long-term effort have built reputation for reliability and security. They offer players online betting experience that ranges from very good to excellent and exceptional.
2. Financially solid but average in other respects. Websites that are reliable, but their betting offer is not of the highest standard. Though you are not at risk with those websites, there are many shortcomings which make betting not particularly enjoyable or profitable.
3. Scam operations. Websites that take bets, and then either shut down or refuse to pay out winnings. Websites that manipulate your personal or financial details e.g. selling it to different organizations for attempts to defraud or for email spamming. Websites that take advantage of card or bank details. You should stay away from them.
Visit our subpage A-Z online bookmakers to check the reputable sportsbooks.
Role of Find bookmaker
Since it is important for all punters to have a source of credible information to make well-informed decisions on where to bet on the Internet, our website extends "e-helping" hand by providing you with an independent's Directory of Online Bookmakers. The directory contains a carefully selected list of more than 40 top bookmakers from the first category only. When taken together, these online bookmakers embody all that the betting  business has to offer today. In the following paragraphs, we will try to give you a basic idea  what you should be aware of when deciding on the best bookmaker for yourself.
Building trust takes time
The rule of thumb is to choose well known and well established companies. Preferably, these should be public companies listed on stock exchanges, since they usually stand for financial solidity, stability and transparency. It is also wise to take a closer look at the history of the bookmaker, the year of establishment and past records including, for instance. any achievements or awards. This sort of information indicates bookmaker's experience and professionalism, though "older" does not necessarily have to mean "better."
Apart from the well established bookmakers with long history, our online directory includes some recently established companies which have already become valued and trusted brands. All in all,'s Directory of Online Bookmakers describes only the best reputable bookmakers.
Betting offer
What should be also considered when choosing the right bookmaker is the sports betting offer. Although most bookmakers have outstandingly broad selection of sports, each of them prioritizes different discipline: offers most, if not all events/leagues/cups (not only the top ones) alongside variety of betting options, provides various statistics or form guides, regularly introduces bonuses and promotions.
Generally,  broad coverage of football leagues and cups is characteristic of continental European bookmakers. British bookmakers similarly tend to have a comprehensive offer on the beautiful game, but in their case equally attractive offer on horse and greyhound racing can also be expected, (usually in a separate section on the webiste). Scandinavian bookmakers  emphasize not only football, but also winter sports such as alpine skiing, ski jumping, cross country skiing or Nordic combined. What you can expect of American bookmakers is usually a diversified offer on North American major leagues whereas Australian bookmakers have high regard for their aussie and yachting punters.
Bookmaker's extensive online betting offer increasingly includes non-sports betting which covers such subjects as political elections, TV shows (e.g. the new breed of reality television punters who bet on X-Factor, Big Brother, American Idol or once in a year on Eurovision), awards (e.g. Oscars, Emmys, Sports Personality of the Year), weather, music and even economy or religion (!).  Poker, casino, bingo and games are also available on the majority of betting sites. For some punters these are only additions to betting, for others however poker and casino are as attractive as betting itself.
Sport streaming
Online bookmakers can also be divided into those which provide live streaming services and those which do not have such an option. Generally, bettors love live streaming experience especially when no TV broadcast is available. Live streaming combines especially well with live betting. If you enjoy betting on the events that are still in progress you should consider joining bookmaker with a good live streaming offer.
The most frequent disciplines for live streaming are football, basketball, horse racing, greyhound racing and tennis. In most cases you can start watching live stream events as soon as you have an account with the bookmaker, or when you have placed a bet on the event which is streamed live. Sometimes, because of territorial restrictions, residents of certain countries may not have an access to certain broadcasts.
Webiste & Its Languages
A recommended bookmaker's website should have the following features: easy to navigate and use, all important elements should be present, visible and clear for the user (e.g. "About the comapny" section with company's physical address, history, jurisdiction, betting licence; unambiguous "Terms and conditions"; "Contact us" section with email-adresses, telephone numbers, customer service contact).
Another issue are the supported languages on the bookmaker's website. English is now considered the Internet's universal language and most people know the basic English, still a considerable group of Internet users have problems with some advanced terminology on betting websites. The majority of online bookmakers have recognized the problem by translating their websites into a number of languages. Remarkably enough, some bookmakers offer even such languages as Korean, Chinese, Estonian or Hebrew.
What can be also factored into the choice of a bookmaker is the odds type and the odds value. As far as odds type is concerned, more often than not online bookmakers include all the three most popular odds formats: decimal, fractional and moneyline. Rarely you can find bookmakers which omit any of these odds, but even then the Internet abounds in odds charts and odds converters in various forms.
Odds value is also a very important aspect of sports betting. Obviously, the bigger the odds are, the greater are the potential winnings. For each event odds can vary a lot between different bookmakers. So, if you want to narrow down your choice of the best bookie, spend some time comparing odds of those betting agency that you consider best. Any of the online odds comparison services will come in handy at this point. These are the kind of tools that save you the trouble of jumping from one online bookmaker to another and always provide you with the freshest odds from many bookies. Some bettors who are slightly disappointed with the value of their bookmakers' odds, decide to set up two or more accounts at other betting websites.
Another thing to take into account are different incentives in the form of sportsbook bonuses. Some of these can give you a head start in your betting adventure, others when analyzed carefully offer little advantage. Though bookmakers come up with ever more fanciful bonuses, there are a few which can be deemed universal: bonus money (the bookmaker can credit your account with some bonus money which you can spend on betting; either in the form of  free bets or a percentage of the first deposit), reward program (the longer you stay with the bookmaker, or rather the more you bet, the more points you get which later can be exchanged for various rewards), reduced losses (your lost bets are partially returned), temporarily reduced vigorish (for a set period of time, money charged by a bookmaker for his services is reduced).
Betting limits
Another thing that you may consider are money minimums and maximums. For instance, in case that you are a highroller, make sure that the online bookmaker offers high maximum winning limits. Or, in case that you have limited betting funds, ensure that your potential bookmaker does not demand a fortune as a minimum deposit to open an account.
Fellow bettors
Last but not least, when choosing the right bookmaker it is wise to visit some forums, chats and blogs in order to learn what others have to say about online bookmakers. More often than not, you will find comments which are unbiased and sincere, though not always correct. and accurate. Still, you can always find someone with similar interests and preferences who has already solved the problem of choosing the right bookmaker.
Use our online resources and choose wisely!