Online Sports Betting
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Online Sports Betting

In the late 1990s and at the beginning of the 21st century  the commercial use of  World Wide Web was widespread. It was then that a wave of bookmakers appeared on the Internet. These were both completely new bookies understanding the potential of online betting, as well as well-established brands aiming  to expand their businesses to appeal to wider audience. In fact, a new breed of bettors emerged, that is those who preferred to place wagers from the comfort of their own home, quickly, conveniently, and 24 hours a day as well as  those who valued anonymity. 

Online sports betting

Competition for conventional bookmakers
It quickly became apparent that online bookmakers were a real concern for those betting agencies operating through shops only. Most of these internet bookies have been improving and extending their online betting offer on a regular basis to attract the ever-growing generation of Internet punters. They have also took measures to attract Internet-illiterate persons by making online betting very intuitive and straighforward.

Today, online bookmakers appeal to millions of sport enthusiasts offering various multimedia and all sorts of betting resources plus numerous promotions and bonuses on their websites. Much to the distress of traditional bookmaking companies, a considerable fraction of punters have also been atracted to betting exchanges which are based on the idea of peer-to-peer betting. Unfortunately, there are some "scam bookmakers" on the Internet which are very efficient when it comes to accepting bets from players, but not  really willing to pay out in case of winning bets.

 World Wide Web revolutionized not only the world of sports betting, but generally the way information is shared and communicated. The Internet teems with sports information services, sports betting guides, with  blogs, chats and forums devoted to sports, with sports betting predictions and tips or even odds comparison tools. It means that all the information necessary for well-informed betting decisions is at the reach of players' hands.

Scale of online sports betting
Online sports betting in numbers: in 2007, online gambling accounted for 7 % of all gambling activities in Britain, with the National Lottery Draw having almost 57% and scratch-cards having 20%. More than a half of all online gambling was sports betting (4%).  Read about gambling & sports betting history