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Ukash is a well-known international company providing alternative financial services for people to pay online. It was founded in 2005 as a brainchild of Scott Thomson. This London-based company is, in fact, the biggest prepaid-cash issuing estate in the world. Ukash is operated by its parent company Smart Voucher Ltd, which is regulated by the British Financial Services Authority.
Ukash vouchers allow to easily pay online with cash and to deposit cash into various accounts. Ukash cards can be purchased at more than 320 thousand locations or obtained via online bank accounts in countries all over the world. The number of Ukash-friendly websites is growing at a fast rate, and already there are thousands of them.
Using Ukash is very simple and straightforward. The value of each voucher represents the amount of cash that you can spend online. Ukash vouchers are available in any denomination and in fixed values up to 500 EUR/GBP. All that it takes to complete an online transaction with Ukash is to enter a unique 19-digit number contained on the voucher.
Website languages
English, Polish
Countries / Availability
In a number of countries, Ukash voucher is available from many major banks, via online bank accounts, and also at ATMs.
Ukash is also available through 30,000 physical issuing points in the countries where Ukash global resellers operate. Ukash's current resellers include ebizznet, Wenacallshop, RR Corporation. The voucher can be purchased at such locations as petrol stations, post offices, corner shops, newsagents and chemists. In the UK, PayPoint, payzone or e-pay signs indicate a place where you can buy the voucher.
Europe (United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, the Ukraine, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain), South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America (Uruguay), North America (Canada), China.
Uploading funds / Withdrawing fund ( to & from bookmakers account)
Ukash can be used to load cash into your betting account, or your e-wallet.
Ukash does not provide a withdrawal facility.
To withdraw, use an alternative banking method, for instance, a bank draft or cheque.
Fees / Prices / Times
Getting Ukash – no fees are charged
Using Ukash – no fees are charged
Buying Ukash voucher – instant – no need to disclose your personal details, or have a bank account
Sending money to online bookmakers – instant
Payment details:
£500/ €750 is the maximum value of each Ukash transaction.
Up to five vouchers can be purchased at one time, and there is no limit on the number of vouchers that can be spent.
Each voucher has a PIN code, valid for 12 months, which is used to pay directly at any Ukash-friendly website.
In case that you spend less than your Ukash value, you'll receive the remaining cash.
Additional Information
No risk of identity theft or debit/credit card fraud – an ideal way to make a quick deposit into a betting account.
Anyone can buy Ukash voucher irregardless of their age.