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There is a multitude of bonuses on the Internet, and the welcoming bonus is definitely the most common incentive to encourage players to create a betting account. Practically every single online bookmaker offers some kind of welcoming bonus, either in the form of a fixed percentage of the initial deposit amount (usually between 10%-100%), or in the form of free bets (a certain amount of betting cash to be spent as a one or more bets). 

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Although, at first glance initial deposit bonuses and free bets are very attractive, there are a few catches that must be mentioned. First of all, accepting the welcoming bonus usually means that before you can withdraw money from your  account you first have to bet x times through your first deposit and the sign-up bonus. Secondly, it often happens that the free betting cash can only be spent on the selected bets from the bookmaker's list.  The real value of an initial deposit bonus varies for different players. For instance, 50% Bonus up to $50 is definitely far more enticing for those who make an initial deposit of more than $45, than the 100% Bonus up to $20. 

It is important to read through the term and conditions of each bonus. In most cases, does much work for you by extracting what we consider to be the most relevant parts of the bonus terms. Such information usually includes the qualifying conditions for a bonus, the process of obtaining a bonus, rollover/turnover rules or the list of the countries excluded from the participation in the promotion. 

Depositing more...
Similar to first deposit bonuses are redeposit bonuses (aka reload bonuses). For instance, each time you upload money to your betting account in accordance with deposit condition (the bookmaker may require that the deposit is made on a specific day, or using a specific payment method, or that it is no less than x currency units etc.), you are given a fixed percentage of your deposit amount, usually between 5%-20%. 

Importance of friendship
One should not forget about the ubiquitous referral bonuses (aka friendship bonuses). The reward for referral bonuses are usually in the form of free betting cash. You will be entitled to the bonus when you find a friend or acquaintance, not a family member, and ask him or her to join the bookmaker. Remember that in most cases you have to start with sending your friend an invitation email from the bookmaker's website, and that your friend has to register by clicking on the link contained in that email. 

   Retaining bettors
Another highly popular form of bonuses are  loyalty programs which are bookmakers' way of saying  "Thank you for being with us for so long."  Whereas the purpose of the welcoming bonus is to make a player join the bookmaker, the loyalty program's primary target is to ensure that a player stays with the bookmaker as long as possible. A recommended loyalty program is indicated by the good quality of the rewards and the feasibility of obtaining them in one's own lifetime (!)

Loyalty program's rewards fall into the following categories: merchandise (ranging from towels and shirts to iPods, tickets to various events and LCD TV sets), access to betting bonuses/promotions (e.g. additional betting cash, free withdrawals)and special treatment (e.g. better personalized customer service, easier deposits and withdrawals, access to various betting resources). Obviously, different customers prefer different rewards, and it is matter of taste which type of rewards appeal most to you. 

Unless you are a highroller, even the most outstanding rewards count for nothing when they out of your reach. Therefore, calculate carefully which rewards you can afford with your normal betting rate, and choose the loyalty program which offers best value for the betting points you can get. Also, as an average bettor don't plan for the super rewards that require a huge number of betting points, because in time the rules and rewards of a loyalty program can be changed by the bookmaker. For instance, the rewards may be out of stock, or considered no longer attractive and substituted. 

Wining and losing with extra money
are very frequent bonuses, and are mostly used by the bookmaker to draw the bettors' attention to the unpopular types of bets or to sports disciplines/leagues that only few people are interested in, e.g. First Goalscorer, Full Time Result, and some Accumulators etc. 

Other popular bonuses include: extra payouts on winning bets, usually on accumulators/parlays, reduced commission/juice/vigorish usually only for a specific period of time, e.g. days of the week when there is little activity on the bookmaker's website.

Other bonuses
There are also a few sports discipline-specific bonuses. For instance, some bookmakers offer Double result promotion on horse races bets. In this promotion both the disqualified first past the post horse and the official winner are treated as wining bets by the bookmaker. Moreover, American bookmakers have various promos on the top North American leagues, e.g. NBA, NFL, NHL, whereas European bookmakers have all sorts of special offers on soccer.

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