Supertoto - Football betting lottery
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Supertoto - Football betting lottery

Supertoto is a football pool betting game in which you predict the outcomes of a set number of football matches by selecting 1, X, or 2 (Home Win, Draw or Away Win), and in which the payout is usually very high as it is accumulated from a pool of stakes.

Supertoto football coupons

Which bookmakers have it on their online offer? 
Unibet and Expekt

How does it work in reality?
There are four variations of coupons: 

  • Supertoto Extra weekly coupon with 8 matches (payouts for 7 and 8 correct), 10 matches (payouts for 9 and 10 correct) or 12 matches (payouts for 11 or 12 correct). If you are the single winner with all 8 correct, you can win approximately €10,000. Supertoto Extra usually consists of Sunday matches, or midweek matches, e.g. Champions League, and is available a few days in advance.
  • Supertoto XL weekly coupon with 14 matches (payouts for 11, 12, 13 and 14 correct matches) If you are the single winner with all 14 correct, you can win between € 50,000 – € 80,000. Supertoto XL usually consists of Saturday matches, and is released on Mondays at 0900 CET.
  • Supertoto XXL weekly coupon with 14 matches (payouts for 11, 12, 13 and 14 correct matches). If you are the single winner with all 14 correct, you can win between € 50,000 – € 80,000. 
  • Supertoto Tennis usually with 8-10 tennis matches
All payouts depend on the number of fixture outcomes a player has predicted correctly, the size of the prize pool, and the number of other players who have predicted the same number of match outcomes correctly.
What kind of football matches are released on Supertoto coupons?
European football leagues, most often Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A, either combining more than one league in Euro Mixes or fixtures exclusively from one country. UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Cup, or International matches
What important details should I know about Supertoto?
0.10 is the price for a single combination, but it can increase because of the hedges described below.
Supertoto allows you to make half-hedges (backing two outcomes of a match – 1 X, or 1 2, or X 2), and full-hedges (backing all 3 possible outcomes of a fixture – 1 X 2). Once you have made one half-hedge, the cost of your coupon will be multiplied by 2. Once you have made one full-hedge, the cost of your coupon will be multiplied by 3.
Supertoto coupons contain the winning chances of each team expressed as a percenatge.
Each coupon has a tool which can generate the selections instead of the player. The computer's selections are based on the analysis of the teams' statistics and form. In the case that the player is not satisfied with the selections, the computer may provide more and more selections. You may also ask the computer to create selections using any number of half and full hedges.
What is so attractive about Supertoto?
It is a low stake and high yield game in which, unlike in a lottery, your winning chances depend largely on your knowledge, and not merely on luck.
Secondly, Supertoto Xl and XXL, usually released on Mondays, when submitted by the player at the beginning of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) are entitled to 10% cash-backs.
What is the biggest payout for Supertoto coupon?
In 2009, it was 232 247 EUR  for the correct 14-outcomes prediction (
What does Supertoto coupon look like?
The screenshot depicts computer-generated selections with two half-hedges and one full-hedge.
Good Luck with your sports betting!