1 X 2 and related bets
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1 X 2 and related bets

1X2 win draw win betting

1 X 2 bet
1, X, 2 bet (also known as Win-Draw-Win, or Home-Draw-Away) is the most common type of bet.

In 1 X 2 bet you have to choose one of the three possible outcomes of the game: 1 – Home team win, X – Draw, 2 – Away team win. 

When there can be no draw in the game, usually in individual sports you have to pick either 1 or 2.
Half time bets
Half Time bets are very similar to the typical Win Draw Win, the only difference being that you have to predict the result after the first half (1 or X or 2).
Half Time – Full Time bets  
In Half Time–Full Time bets you predict both the result after the first half (1 or X or 2) and the final result (1 or X or 2). These are all the possible predictions: 1-1, 1-X, 1-2, X-1, X-X, X-2, 2-1, 2-X, 2-2.
Half Time-Full Time prediction bets usually have odds higher than the standard Win-Draw-Win.
Double chance bets
Double chance allows a bettor to pick two outcomes out of the three possible in a single bet. These are the three possible combinations: 1X (winning bet when home side wins
or game ends in a draw), X2 (winning bet when the game ends in a draw or the away side wins), 12 (winning bet when the home side wins or away side wins).
Obviously, the odds are much lower than in the standard Win-Draw-Win.
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