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Asian Handicaps

Consider Manchester United vs Plymouth match. The profits from betting on ManU would probably be very tiny, even if you have staked a considerable amount of money. But what if you are confident that Red Devils can hammer their opponents by at least 3 goals? If you believe you know the outcome of the game, and also can guess the advantage of one team over another, in terms of a number of goals scored in the match, then you should give Asian handicaps a try.

Asian Handicaps - simple and thrilling way of betting on soccer

What is it?
A way of  betting in soccer in which before the start of the match, a bookmaker adds whole, half, quarter or three-thirds goals to the team which is considered to be the weaker one in the game.

Thus, the favorite is literally 'handicapped,' the underdog receives an imaginary advantage, and, ideally, the odds for both teams winning the game approximate 50%-50%. At the same time, because of half and quarter goals, the draw outcome is eliminated, contrary to traditional 1-X-2 odds betting.
Who invented it?
It was invented somewhere in the Far East to make betting on football matches more attractive, and is originally called 'Hang Cheng' betting.
In 1998, on request of Indonesian bookmaker Joseph Phan the English translation Asian handicaps was provided by Joe Saumarez Smith, a journalist specializing in online gambling.
Which bookmakers have Asian Handicaps on offer?
Unibet, 10Bet, Betsson, Bwin, Expekt and more online bookmakers. Find out more in's Directory of Online Bookmakers.

AHcaps Curious Facts
The term 'Asian handicaps' tends to be associated by many people with a medical affliction.

There are many newbie punters who are put off by the term Asian Handicaps as they think it is very complicated. On the contrary, AH betting is very straightforward and learn-able as it is based on logic.

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