Head-to-Head betting
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Head-to-Head betting

Head-to-head betting (also known as H2H betting) denotes predicting competitors' results against each other and not on the overall outcome of the competition. For example, in motor sports you can bet on two or three drivers and their placement among the others in an event. In long-term H2H betting, a wager can be placed on the end-of-the-season placement of the contestants.

Head-to-head betting H2H betting

Which disciplines have H2H betting option?
Usually individual disciplines but not only. Motorsports (typically NASCAR, F1), horse racing, football (e.g. which of the two players will score more goals by the end of the season), golf, alpine skiing and many more.

Which bookmakers have head-to-head betting on offer?
Bwin, Nordicbet, Expekt, Interwetten and more online bookmakers. Use Findbookmaker.com's search engine to have the full list of reliable bookmakers with H2H betting offer.

What other things should I know about H2H betting?
Apart from H2H, there are also very similar Tripplehead (H3H) bets which differ from H2H in that three contestants are set up against each other, instead of two. H3H are provided by some bookmakers such as Pinnaclesports.com.

In motorsports, H2H betting is also known as driver matchups.

Head to head betting should not be confused with popular on many gambling sites head-to-head games (also known as 1vs.1) whereby you play online against a human opponent for real or virtual money.

In 2009, some odd makers specializing in H2H golf betting agreed that Tiger Woods is the absolute favorite of the major golf events, and as such has no real match up. Even his biggest rival Phil Mickelson was considered to stand little chance in head-to-head betting with Woods. Thus, Woods was 'matchless' in H2H, and Mickelson was matched with more comparable players such as Harrington.

How does H2H work in reality?
The bookmaker creates pairs of comparable alpine skiers with very similar odds. If one or more participants withdraw before they have started the event/tournament, a bet is void. See the screenshot below:

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