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Sure Bets

Sure bet (aka arbitrage bet) – is a set of bets which guarantees a profit no matter what the outcome of the event may be.

Sure bets mean guaranteed profits


The idea behind sure bets is that at times different bookmakers offer vastly different odds on the same event, and that when you bet on all the outcome possibilities (win, draw and loose) at the appropriate bookmakers you can get a profit, irrespective of the outcome of the event.


Sure bets are calculated on many websites, both free of charge and paid services, by the same engine that compares odds between different bookmakers. One can also try to find sure bets without the help of an engine, but it can be a very time consuming task.


Before you start your adventure with sure bets, you will first have to set up a few accounts at different bookmakers. Having decided to place sure bets, make sure that the bookmakers odds are final and not subject to change as even little alterations in odds can mean that you will not stand to have a guaranteed profit.


Typically, a sure bet has 1%-2% profit.


Sure bets fall into two categories:


All back sure bets (for traditional bookmakers) where you bet on all possible outcomes


Back/Lay sure bets (for betting exchanges) – where you buy and sell the same outcome



An example of a win-lose sure bet:


Player A vs Player B

Player A

Player B

1.8 odds

3 odds

Bookmaker K


(the best odds on the event of all the bookmakers)

Bookmaker X


(the best odds on the event of all the bookmakers)


Invest $1000.


Bet $625 on Player A, you stand to win $1125 (625x1.8).


Bet $375 on Player B, you stand to win $1125 (375x3).


Irregardless of the outcome, you always win $1125.


Your invested $1000 deducted from your $1125 win gives you $125 profit.



How do I know that it is a sure bet?

Take this sure bet, for instance:


Team A vs Team B







Bookmaker A

Bookmaker B

Bookmaker C


Here is the sure-bet formula:


100 / 3,15 + 100 / 3,25 + 100 / 3,01 = 31,746 + 30,769 + 33,222 = 95,737


If the result of the calculation is lesser than 100, then you have a sure bet.


If the result of the calculation is more than 100, then it is not a sure bet.



The profit is the difference between 100 and the result of the calculation.


100 – 95,737 = 4,263 % profit


Note that in this case, the profit is high, because all the three outcomes have very high odds.


Such a case is infrequently found, but still possible.


Good luck with your sports betting!