Legality of Online Gambling Part 2
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Legality of Online Gambling Part 2

Legality of Online Gambling
PART 2. Russia, Poland, Germany, France

According to Russian legislation passed in December, 2006, all online domestic gaming operators are banned. No decisions have been made regarding payments for gaming services made to foreign operators.

The Russian government designated legal gambling zones for land-based gaming operators, and since 2009, every "off-line" gambling business outside the four zones is banned. The zones include Altay, Primorie and Kaliningrad regions and on the border between the Krasnodar region and Rostov region, and are all far away from the capital Moscow.

Bookmakers' offices are an exception as they can operate also outside of the gaming zones. The only condition is that they have to be licensed by the government.

Since 27 November 2009, within the 38-million Central European nation all gambling activities, with the exception of land-based casinos, are banned. According to the new law, there can be only one casino in a district with a population of up to 650,000.

Online sports betting offered both by domestic and foreign operators is illegal, and Polish Government does not give licenses to operate online betting websites in Poland. Land-based sports betting is represented by three companies which have the government's licenses (Totolotek, STS, Professional).

This ban does not apply to sponsorship of sports teams by sports betting operators. It is stated that all sponorship activities must be "passive" which means that while a football club can feature bookmaker's logo on its shirts, the bookmaking company cannot use the club's name for marketing purposes. Also, online sports betting brands which additionaly offer gaming services such as poker or casino cannot sponsor clubs in Poland.

June, 2010 Laws on Internet Gambling:
Only those gambling and sports betting operators are legal in France which are licensed by French regulatory body ARJEL.

Examples: licensees – PMU, France Pari, Bwin; white label partnerships: Party Gaming (PMU), Paddy Power (PMU), Unibet (France Pari).

Online gaming (sports, poker, casino) licenses handed out by the Danish Governement.

Examples: licensees – Danske Spil (lotter & betting state-owned monopoly), Danske Klasselotteri (Danish state lottery) or Varelotteriet; white label partnerships – PartyGaming (with Danske Spil).